Session Insight-Samuel

Samuel’s energy was quite unique. I could see that Samuel absolutely has to be in situations where he can be innovative. When he’s not working (like he isn’t right now) he stagnates and feels lethargic and depressed. 
Part of Samuel’s life purpose here is to innovate, to innovate with other creative people, to be in an innovative   environment  where he is not only helping other people innovate and create, but he is truly expressing his desire and need to make things better and more effective in the most creative way possible, to come up with new ideas, to be inspired, and to inspire others. 
Anything that does not support this in Samuel’s life, will seem like a drag or wait on him. And those people who might keep him from achieving his goals, he’s not going to have a lot of use for.
Even though Samuel is currently living in Kansas, it looks like he’s going to move to a sunnier, warmer location which to me, possibly Orlando Fl area or near by. He may be working with a company affiliated with Disney somehow. 
It looks like he’s going to end up in advertising. He will possibly start out in sales but then because of his ability, will move up into creating print or tv advertising. 

Random Experience

When I was in Los Angeles, there was a woman sitting next to me and I noticed her energy right away. It was light and bright but foreign somehow with very little of the density I see in most people. 
It was almost as if she didn’t belong on earth. I felt the urge to talk with her so I asked her where she was from. 
“Nowhere and all over,” she said and began to tell me her story. As she spoke, I could see that her soul had come here as an experiment almost and didn’t like the earth very much or being physical.
 She used drugs (I felt like it was heroine) almost as a way of dulling the pain of being confined in the physical. I also suspected that she was transient and often homeless in order to feel less confined. 
The words “star seed” kept resonating. I’ll have to look up what that means. 
A lot of what she said seemed like the rankings of a crazy person, but when she smiled her energy was so brilliantly bright, it brought years to my eyes. 
A rainbow trapped in a prism that only wants to be free. So sad and so beautiful at the same time. 
Our souls connected for a moment and she told me thank you and goodbye.

Session Insights-Kyle

Hello hello

Kyle’s Energy is so unique. Every time I complete a phone session, I have to text or email him right after as a small flood of additional insight comes through.

I worked with Kyle for six sessions now. It’s interesting to see how he has expanded and lightened his energy. This last time I notice that Kyle had a huge amount if pink with a variety of  yellows in his field.

 I could also seen Kyle’s spouse’s Energy has softened toward Kyle.  Kyle shared that his relationship had deepened and that his spouse had been more loving, gentler, and kinder with him.

What has happened is that as Kyle has stepped more into his wholeness and embraced his higher joy, his spouse has begun to see another facet of Kyle and to know him more deeply.

Additionally, as Kyle is spiritually awakening, his spouse receives permission to do the same. As Kyle’s true self shines through more brightly, it beckons his spouses higher self.

I continue to be thrilled and fascinated by what I’m learning and sharing with every soul that comes to me!

This is so cool!!

Session Sight-Lily

I saw Lily for the fourth time the other day. Lily is in her early 50s, but seems much younger. I noticed her energy had become less dense. I’d done some energy work on her and she had been doing the recommendations I’d given her.

 I could see from Lilly’s energy that there was a new person coming into her life – a male energy and then beyond that, there were several other male energies coming in also. And a lot of opportunity for dating and romance

She told me that she had reconnected with a man recently. I noticed he had a calm energy though not as bright as hers and by spring, she may find him dull, although comforting.

Lily is going to create some different circumstances for herself coming up in the near future. This is really interesting as I can actually see flashes of Lily playing a new sport, being involved in a large project, and meeting new people who resonate with her well.

The new recommendations were interesting too… Tropical fruits and specific smoothies, full-spectrum lighting, and guided meditations.

I made a mind meditation for her of a relaxing tropical beach. This was just what she needed as she has a little bit of the winter blues.

I’m excited for Lily. She’s just starting a whole new chapter in her life!

Session Insight-Jeremy

  Jeremy’s vibrant energy came at me as soon as I opened his email. He has an incredible amount of pure color, but I noticed right away that there were empty spots where the color had vanished.

I felt that he was in a relationship that had erased some of his energy. At the same time, he used this relationship as an anchor as he was a bit  frightened that he was too “out there” to do well on his own.

Jeremy also felt safe in the relationship because he had not made good romantic choices in the past and thought that may be the case again.

What he needed to realize and what I could see in their blended energies was that this was a karmic relationship and that it was meant for the growth of both souls. That growth had reached its completion.

He also needed to know that his partner had already began detaching her energy and moving into other directions. She was going to be fine and was already starting to attract another, more suitable partner to herself.

I could see the vibrancy of his energy increasing as we talked about all that he would do when he was “free.”

When I had scanned his energy earlier, I kept getting the word “dive.” I asked him what that meant. He said that over the last few months he’d been obsessed with skydiving and had been watching videos and fantasizing about skydiving.

Even as he talked about this, I could see him on numerous dives and that he would make new friends and meet a new partner through one of those new friends.

Everyone’s energy is such a unique expression of the universe! Even though we are all connected, each of us offers a facet all our own!

Session Insight-Pat

I was excited to meet Pat. From the time I got her email, I was easily able to connect with her energy. Pat is an amazingly old soul. I could feel her energy was so strong and so deep with a serious, stoic quality.

When I met her and our session began I asked her not to share any information yet, but to allow me to share first. I told her that I could sense that she was very old soul. She came to this physical world for the purpose of adding to others. She came to be a reflection to others and to create a Calm stillness and stability for those around her.

 Because she took this role so very seriously, she seemed detached from her own needs… This life she created wasn’t about her.

When I shared my insights with her, they resonated deeply. It was time for Pat to be free to lighten up literally and figuratively.

Pat is caring about 50 extra pounds on her body. The weight was created in order to deflect attention from herself. Because her soul’s purpose was not to get attention, on some level Pat noticed that her attractiveness was getting her that unwanted attention and so her body decided to pack on layers of weight, thus trying to stay true to her deepest purpose.

In communicating with that part of her, we help it understand that if Pat is lighter and healthier , she can better fulfill her purpose here. She can also enjoy herself while she is here.

I did a mind meditation in Pat and an integrating energy protocol infused with the vibration of joy.

The weight will drop off automatically as Pat integrates lightness and joy into her life!

Session Insight-Lena

Lena came to me with a variety of concerns. Energies that she wasn’t quite able to key into herself. When I looked into her energy I saw some very interesting things. Lena has a very specific niche to fill in this world in fact she came into this lifetime very aware of what that Mitch was.

Unfortunately fears and blocks had gotten in the way of allowing that energy to flow through Lena and out into the world allowing her to fully express what she came here to do.

Even with those blocks and fears, pieces were coming through-pieces that she was aware of like small streams shooting out in different directions.

We were able to identify several of blocks. I asked her if she had a stressful relationship. That relationship turned out to be with her sister who had always been jealous and envious of the things that Lena had accomplished as a child.

Because Lena was a natural peacemaker, she made a decision as a young child to not allow her talents and abilities to flow forth for fear of being judged and rejected. And for fear of hurting her sister.

I created a mind meditation for Lena allowing her to loosen some of those blocks and old ides that no longer served her.

During the energy work, I pulled together the strands and little pieces of the flow that was already coming through her and tied them together.

She felt stronger and more centered.

Other suggestions came through as far as what to eat, certain exercises her body years for and specific affirmations her inner self needed to hear.